Flexible pick-up and drop-off location in Surabaya or Malang Area


We’ll start the journey by fetching you from your desired location in Surabaya or Malang, be it a hotel, airport or train station. Spend a night in Cemoro Lawang before your journey to Mount Bromo. This provides you with the opportunity to revitalize and revel in the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding area. The warm hospitality of Tengger people is an added bonus that will make your stay even more memorable. 

Wake up in the early morning and ready for your journey towards Mount Bromo using a 4WD Jeep. Explore Mount Bromo with its breathtaking natural beauty and unique cultural insights into life lived amongst its slopes. Marvel at the stunning sunrise from King Kong Hills viewpoint before heading out to climb up the active caldera itself – everything about this journey is designed to leave you spellbound.

After the thrilling adventure, Have yourself a delicious morning meal and shower in the Hotel before returning to Surabaya or Malang to end the day

1 Participant : USD 303 /px

2 Participants : USD 163 /px

3 Participants : USD 140 /px

4 Participants : USD 123 /px

5 Participants : USD 120 /px

6 Participants : USD 107 /px

7 Participants : USD 100 /px

8 Participants : USD 93 /px

9 Participants : USD 90 /px

10 Participants : USD 87 /px

11 Participants : USD 83 /px

12 Participants : USD 77 /px

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✓ Private Air Conditioned Car
✓ Friendly English Speaking Guide
✓ Fuel,Toll,Parking
✓ Driver
✓ 4WD Jeep
✓ Mount Bromo Entrance Fees
✓ Hotels for 1 Night
✓ Breakfast
✓ Masker, Mineral Water, Coffee Break

⍟     Revitalize and revel in the relaxing atmosphere of the Mount Bromo area

⍟     Feel the warm hospitality of Tengger people

⍟     The iconic Sunrise at the King Kong Hills Viewpoint

Witness the stunning Mount Bromo landscape

Walk to the famous Sea of Sand

Trek to the Bromo Crater

Day 1

Pick up from Surabaya or Malang and go to Hotel in Bromo (exact time may vary depending on your request/flight arrivals)

Check in

Day 2 

Wake up and hop on to a 4WD jeep, then make your way to King Kong Hills Viewpoint to catch the Sunrise

Take a break and enjoy your coffee while you await the sunrise.

Sunrise at King Kong Hills Viewpoint

Drive to Mount Bromo Crater‬

Climbing the Volcano Crater‬ and enjoy the Mount Bromo Crater View

See the whispering sand and Luhur temple

Head back to the Hotel

Breakfast Time!

Preparing for Check out

Drive back to Surabaya/Malang

Arrive in Surabaya/Malang

✕ Bromo horse riding
✕ Personal Expenses
✕ Lunch & Dinner

Comfortable Shoes
Warm Jacket
Suntan Lotion

  1. First things first, if you want to do the tour directly, make sure to choose a flight that arrives in Surabaya in the morning or afternoon. It is also better if you are already in Surabaya or Malang. This will give you ample time to settle in before embarking on your adventure.

  2. If you are from Yogyakarta we strongly suggest taking a train that arrives in Surabaya in the morning or afternoon. Using Train will be faster,comfortable and cheaper. Click here to book your train tickets

  3. When it comes time for drop-off, there are a few options available depending on your plans. We can drop off anywhere within Surabaya/Malang

  4. If you would like to visit Madakaripura, it can be included in this trip for an additional fee. Alternatively, you may want to check out this tour package that covers Bromo – Madakaripura 2D

  5. If you’re curious to learn more about Mount Bromo before you explore it firsthand, here is some information that should be helpful. Use this link as your guide to discovering all you need to know about the volcano

Make it happens!

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From Surabaya or Malang to Mount Bromo - Mount Ijen - Madakaripura - Tumpak Sewu

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